Don't you just love it when folks take it upon themselves to attempt to spam guestbooks, forums and the like...

Especially when the guestbook or forum is there to actually give people some help...

More so, if the people that are being helped have a disability or a long term illness...

Well... This page is going to have the spammers email address(es) and I.P. address(es) on it, so that when the "BAD" email harvester robots come along, the bots will collect the spammers email address(es) and then "THEY" can be on the receiving end of spam for a change...

Name used:
Verizon Internet Services Inc.

How they spammed us:
They thought they were being a smartarse by claiming that they were a "Carer for someone with C.F.S./M.E." and sent in "their experience" of being the aforementioned... But what I actually received was spam for an online drugstore, where they would probably get a commission for any sales made from their link...

2007-7-30 8:36:26

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)

I.S.P: Internet Services, Inc.
2007-10-19 + 2007-10-23

How they spammed us:
Not spammed exactly, but used a hell of a lot of bandwidth over the 2 dates mentioned above... 220 Megabytes, to be exact !!!

Why ???

You tell me, as I have no idea at all !!!

But regardless, of the above query... as in now, consider yourself as Caught!!! why why use over 220MB on the forum in two days... at other folks expenditure? This is a real site.. aimed at helping others suffering from a real illness to gain a level of understanding.. not for folks like yourself to gain from it. For what reason I am oblivious... but then again, the  factor of ignorance remains unquestioned... there is no need... apart from gain.. and within that specter, again you are a reminder of the ignorance of society...

So please tell.. what else do you do within the sad existence that you seem to call life?

 Well apart from preying on the vulnerabilities of others? 


Name Used:
E-mail address:


How they spammed us:

By making a mockery of a support forum... and posting links of pay for (subscription based) game websites... 

To date with regards to game playing... this within a support forum is a non starter!!

If you wish to PLAY games.. feel free to to it within your own time... and NOT on a support forum!!!

Apart from playing games.... can you please elaborate on what you actually do in your spare time... well with the exemption of SPAMMING other peoples websites????

Just interested in whether you have a life or not!!!!! 

Me thinks by the way you have been behaving.... probably not!!!!!!

Anyways, you can thank me in your own time.. (once you have finished  trying to ignore all the fan mail that you  will receive from the email harvesters that frequent this site)




Right !!! Who's next ???